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Remarkable Campaign puts Fanshawe over the top
Writer:Maureen Spencer Golovchenko

College surpasses lofty fundraising goal of $100 million.

Aiming to continually unlock potential in the students and communities it serves, Fanshawe College recently surpassed its $100-million fundraising goal. Thanks to tremendous community leadership and collaboration, Fanshawe’s Remarkable Campaign generated $110,184,884. As a result, Fanshawe students will directly benefit from the generosity of many collective supporters, and the college will continue to build modern facilities, open doors through awards and bursaries and pursue opportunities to enhance the student learning experience. Fanshawe president Peter Devlin says the campaign’s theme, “Remarkable,” refers to the growth of the college, the quality and breadth of its programs and the impact of its graduates. And, he says, it certainly has lived up to its name. “Our goal is to ensure our students have state-of-the-art learning facilities and our graduates are able to thrive in an ever-changing global economy. Thanks to the philanthropic spirit of our college communities, Remarkable is a tremendous success.” As one of the largest campaigns ever undertaken by an Ontario college, campaign chair Larry Kinlin says it reinforces Fanshawe’s promise to educate, engage, empower and excite in all it does. “This campaign was designed to fuel growth and development in the years to come. Ultimately, it’s about students: supporting, encouraging and developing them to become citizens of the world.” Believing this extraordinary financial success is the outcome of diverse community stakeholders sharing a vision, Devlin points to the powerful leadership of the campaign cabinet. “Hats off to key campaign leaders chair Larry Kinlin, and vice-chairs Peter Kryworuk and Vito Frijia, who demonstrate unwavering faith in the college’s fundraising vision, give repeatedly and hold Fanshawe in their hearts.” For more than three years, the cam - paign chair and cabinet worked in tan - dem with Fanshawe College Foundation staff, under the leadership of executive director Catherine Finlayson. The col - lege also relied on several community leaders who volunteered on the boards of the foundation, board of governors and alumni association. These staff and community collaborators all share a commitment to making Fanshawe the best it can be, by harnessing community support for student success through the gifts of time, talent and treasure. “Fanshawe is a dynamic institution,” says Kinlin. “Whether we have benefited as alumni or witnessed others thriving because of their Fanshawe education, this campaign is a testament to the impact our college is having on the lives of students and graduates.” This is indeed a stellar year for Fanshawe, with much to celebrate. Against the backdrop of its 50th anniversary, Fanshawe proudly and confidently looks to the future, while appreciating how much it has accom - plished since first opening its doors to students in 1967. As well, the Fanshawe College Foundation marks its 10th anniversary with the culmination of its Remarkable Campaign. “Such incredible community support ensures both a bright future for our centre of educational excellence and a continuous stream of skilled graduates to meet the growing needs of a truly global economy,” says Devlin. “Working together across the community, cam - puses and region, we have succeeded. Many thanks to all.”