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Kate to the rescue
Writer:Alex Weber

Need a hand?

Kate Bucciarelli’s concierge company will help whittle down your to-do lists.

Need help decluttering and organizing your home? How about someone to run your errands? Manage your emails? Pick out the perfect gift? Or take your kids to soccer practice? Meet Kate Bucciarelli, owner of London Concierge Co., a boutique allin-one lifestyle management service catering to the city’s busy professionals. Since officially launching in April 2016, Bucciarelli, 27, has been busy helping professionals manage their swelling to-do lists. Her growing list of services includes personal shopping, home organization, child pickup and drop-off, travel arrangements and reservations, event planning, interior decorating, light housekeeping and grocery pickup. There’s no job too big or too small for the London Concierge Co. “Our services truly are unlimited,” Bucciarelli, says. “If we haven’t done it before, we’ll figure out how to do it.” Born into a family with an entrepreneurial spirit, Bucciarelli founded her first business, London Backyard Swim School, with her sister while in high school. The business operated for six summers, growing to 10 employees who taught swimming at multiple backyard pools throughout north London. The sisters developed a huge client base. And Bucciarelli says she could barely keep up with the requests she’d get from Backyard Swim School parents who needed help with a variety of jobs: everything from house-sitting to gift wrapping. “September would come and hundreds of families would reach out to us for help with stuff,” she says. “They didn’t know who to ask and they needed someone that they could trust.” Bucciarelli graduated from Western University in 2012 and went to work in a customer service role at 3M. But she admits it wasn’t long until she started feeling the entrepreneurial itch. So she quietly began putting together a business plan in the evenings for her new venture. She received a grant from the London Small Business Centre, set up a website and started reaching out to contacts about her new company. “My cubicle started to get a bit old . . . I knew I’d always wanted to get back into business and really felt like this was my chance,” Bucciarelli says. She officially left her corporate job in April 2016, launched the London Concierge Co. and has been thriving since. While concierge services are big business in cities such as Toronto and Vancouver, mid-size cities like London have yet to see the industry take off. While many would argue this is a deter - rent, Bucciarelli sees it as an advantage. The demand is there. Being one of the only players in the local marketplace has made London Concierge Co. the go-to service for busy parents and professionals. Her clients purchase packages that range from $55 for one hour to $2,000 for 50 hours. Many clients have come from word-of-mouth referrals and decided to work with Bucciarelli on a consistent, long-term basis. Currently, Bucciarelli has two employees and a small team of contract workers she draws on to help her with larger projects like events. Her vision is to grow the business to the point where she has a team of people to support cli - ents and their projects. “I’m definitely looking to expand,” she says. “I’m hoping to grow in the way of employees and customers. I want to be known as the company that’s able to offer really, really unique services that you can’t get anywhere else.”